ServicesPlumbing / Heating / Process Piping

Plumbing & Heating

Pro Electric provides a complete range of plumbing and heating installations including above & below ground sanitary and storm drainage, domestic water piping, plumbing fixtures & accessories and complete hot water heating systems.  Our trades people are highly skilled and have years of experience in almost any type of project.  So whether your project is an office building, a high rise residential tower, a commercial retail building or a manufacturing facility, our staff has the expertise to deliver all of your plumbing needs.


Process Piping

Pro Electric provides extensive process and mechanical piping installations for our industrial and manufacturing clients including:

  • Compressed Air
  • Natural Gas
  • Process Cooling Water
  • Process Steam
  • Weld Gas Distribution

These services can be provided as complete turnkey installations in conjunction with original new building construction or as modifications and/or re-tooling of existing facilities and process systems.